Who says you need an Internet connection to take advantage of big savings on international long distance calls with NetTalk? The truth is you can make NetTalk calls via your home phone, office phone, mobile phone, or public payphone with a NetTalk International Calling Card. With this service from NetTalk, you can make calls to over 200 countries worldwide, at rates starting at just 0.50 baht/minute! In addition, this service also lets you call home to Thailand from a number of countries like the USA, and England for less, simply by using a True Money card, available at a number of convenient locations near you, starting at just 50 baht.

With our special international calling rates to more than 200 countries worldwide starting from only 1 baht/minute, NetTalk offers you the smartest move in keeping in touch with your loved ones. Talk more, save more. That's smart!

All listed rates are for calls to fixed landlines and mobile phones, and do not include the call surcharge (the cost of calling the access number 02 700 7000.) See Calling Rates


Save time when making outgoing calls by registering your number with us, and make calls without entering the calling card PIN number
How to Register

When you have completed registration, the system will send you a confirmation SMS, and a new 15 digit PIN number (your 10 digit phone number + 5 digit PIN number)
How to make calls
Calls From Registered Mobile

Calls from Other Phone Number
How to Top Up Your Account
Once you have registered your mobile number with us, you can Top Up your account by following the easy instructions below:
NetTalk International Calling Service... easy to buy with various options on offer.
Can be used with TrueMoney top-up cards*, or conveniently paid with credit cards!
(TrueMoney top-up cards are available at True shops, TrueMove shops, True partners and 7/11 nationwide.)
Credit Cards
True Shops
True Move Shops
True Partners
7-11 Shops Throughout Thailand

Terms & Conditions

The special-rate promotion is valid from Today till December 31st , 2014
NetTalk International Calling Cards are international calling cards issued by True Internet Co., Ltd., who has been granted all necessary permits by the Thai government to act as a VoIP service provider
NetTalk International Calling Cards are valid for 5 years from the date of production
- Pin based NetTalk international calling credit is valid for 180 days from first use
- Account based calling credit is valid for 180 days from date of registration
NetTalk International Calling Cards are only valid for International VoIP calls
The value of NetTalk International Calling Cards includes VAT
Calling Rates are based on Access Number which is listed in the Calling Rates section. Telephone rates will be charged by the minute. (VAT not included)
True Internet Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any illegal use of NetTalk, against Thai law or communications regulations, against national security, against Thai society and/or Thai traditions, against the general peace, that may cause bodily injury or damage to property. True Internet hereby reserves the right to cancel service immediately with no obligation to notify in advance
True Internet Co., Ltd. will not exchange or refund any cards that have been scratched
True Internet Co., Ltd, will not be liable for identity theft, or theft of information which results from use of service
True Internet Co., Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or change conditions and duration of this promotion, with no obligation to notify users in advance
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